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check out Olean_area_hiking  

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(Please write hiking group in subject section of e-mail.)

  There is no cost for this group, which is run through e-mail postings.

 Olean Area Hiking

- So many dread the cold of winter. - Most would like to improve health by increasing their activity level, but busy work weeks leave little time and energy for exercise and family. - Some really appreciate the landscape in our area but would like to find out how to access more places, or join others with the same interests.  - How many times do you hear youth say there is nothing to do around here? 

 Olean area hiking may be a good alternative or solution.

Immersing yourself in nature allows one to reap the benefits of exercise while slowing the mind, both highly recommended for health.  With proper clothing, you can enjoy all but the most severe weather and feel better getting some daylight, fresh air and blood circulating. Those who enjoy hiking, paddling, cross-country skiing and/or snowshoeing find that their body adapts to the changes in season and temperature. There are endless activities to enjoy, many right out our front door and many at no-low cost.  These can be the perfect outlet for an individual or for quality family time.  No matter how tired you are after a long workday, there is nothing like a peaceful restorative walk in nature to replenish your spirit.

WNY and Northern PA have stunningly beautiful areas no matter the season.  There is an abundance of trails throughout, including the Finger Lakes Trail, the North Country Trail and those in Allegheny National Forest and Allegany State Park in addition to many local trails and trails on state lands.  Our region is alive with streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. 

Olean area hiking provides a mode to learn more about these areas and to experience first hand the fun, beauty, and benefits of nature activities.  There is no membership fee; all one must have to participate is regular access to the internet, as postings are made through e-mail or by visiting the website.  Members post to offer or join in activities or to submit or request outdoor-related information.  Most outings consist of small groups from 2-5 people; occasionally there are larger groups.  At this time there are over 100 members in OAH - approximately thirty that participate actively.  Others read posts for enjoyment or to increase knowledge of the surrounding area and outdoor related topics.  All skill levels are represented from beginner to advanced.  The group is connected to paddling and hiking groups in Bradford, Buffalo, Jamestown and at times coordinates to hold joint activities. 

Many friendships have formed, and as membership grows, it is hoped to increase varieties of activities, such as offering workshops, dinner gatherings, and possibly dog walks.  Group members are encouraged to leave no trace behind and have engaged in clean up efforts each year, cleaning up Mt. Hermanns, the Heart, and parts of the Allegheny River Trail. 

Olean area hiking was formed in April 2004 based on a model used by Buffalo hike club.  Founder, Kathy Hardiman, attended a BHC hike, meeting the group at Beehunter trail in Allegany State Park, and realized that their system could easily be adopted for the Olean area.

  For more information or to join, you may visit:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/olean_area_hiking, or contact Ms. Hardiman by emailing her at kathy.hardiman@gmail.com.

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