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Paul and the American Legion Band of the Tonawandas won the National Band Competition in Minneapolis on Saturday, Aug. 27.


Paul De Ritter and Doc Severinsen


  Our ability to perform with 2, 3, 4, or 5 musicians allows us to cater to venues and budgets large and not so large.  We play the Great American Songbook which has been very well-received in Central Florida and New York - standards, big band, love ballads, swing, rock and roll, waltzes, latins, line-dances and ethnic songs.  Our repertoire includes tunes from the late '20's to the 70's

with some newer tunes to keep us current.  All of our music is appropriate for listening and dancing.  As you can see from our video, we also present concerts.

Our audiences appreciate choosing the tunes that we play from our laminated library list.  I like knowing that we are playing their requests!  The more we involve our listeners (and dancers), the better they like it.  We also include some popular standard ethnic songs for fun (Italian, Irish, German, Jewish).  

You can view more videos at www.youtube.com/pderit

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Paul DeRitter Duo Paul DeRitter Trio Paul DeRitter Quartet
2012_11_25 PAUL AT POCO A POCO_401x578.jpg (34226 bytes)
"Paul and Carlos Munoz at Carli's Jazz Cafe, San Juan, Puerto Rico Paul performing at Poco A Poco, Monteverde, Costa Rica Performing at Escuela Concepcion, Peru

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On Top Of The World

Kristen and Nick's wedding at Chautauqua Institute

Paul DeRitter Quintet

On Top of the World, Ocala, Fl

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2012-08-17 Friends from Brazil_493x264.jpg (21876 bytes)

John Hanigan, owner, Century Manor and Paul

Courtney Hays, bass clarinet and Paul at Brothers' Bistro

Friends from Brazil

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Fun at Century Manor

Royal Harbor - Leesburg, Fl

Janice Sturm, Scottish Highlands Rec. Dir.


Paul and Leonel Garcia at Hotel Barcelo, Guatemala City, Guatemala


Paul and Leonel Garcia at Hotel Barcelo, Guatemala City, Guatemala


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